Raymon gives us alerts when predictions are wrong and helps find out why, all with minimal setup.


Get started

Get started with our open source library

$ pip install raymon

Raymon offers a standalone, open source Python library that lets you profile your data and model health.

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Use the Raymon Observability Hub

The Raymon observability hub helps you monitor data and model health, and makes it easy to debug your systems. It offers alerting, slice-and-dice dashboards and data inspection functionality.

The observability hub complements the open source library, is extendable and can be self hosted.

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Demo image data
Demo structured

At a glance ...

Extensible data & model
quality checks

Raymon helps you set up data quality and model quality checks with a few lines of code. We currently offer out-of-the-box metrics for structured and vision data, and allow you to define your own metrics for any data type!

  • Extract features describing data quality, data novelty, model confidence and prediction performance of your data.
  • Generate reports for data drift and model degradation.
Track model health

Auto-configured monitoring
and alerting

Raymon provides easy-to-set-up monitoring of all relevant metrics and alerts you when your data or model quality drops, globally or for slices of your data.

  • Benchmark different slices of your production data against each other to expose slices with reduced performance.
  • Get clear, actionable alerts when things break down so you can maintain system quality.

Track, troubleshoot & improve without hassle

Raymon allows you to easily slice-and-dice your dashboards, metrics and predictions to debug issues. Raymon also helps you inspect specific predictions and find valuable data to improve your models.

  • Log valuable data & ground truth for building high-quality datasets and improving your models
  • Analyse data, data health and model performance globally or for specific slices.